Céline Bodson starts playing violin at the age of five. After a music-focused secondary education, she studied violin at the Music Conservatory of Maastricht and chamber music at the Music Conservatory of Liège. She pursued her training with several master classes in Belgium and abroad with, among others, L. Prunaru, P. Hirschhorn and H. Krebbers.

At the music conservatory in Ghent, Céline obtained her Masters Degree under the tutelage of M. Kugel, where she specialized in teaching music to young children. She has set up ‘Twinkle’ in Brussels, a violin school that introduces children as young as four years’ old to the violin.

With a preference for small formations, Céline seeks opportunities to perform in trios (she established the Sarrasine Trio), quartets and quintets. She delved into and perfected her repertoire with Eberhard Feltz, Heime Müller and the members of the Danel Quartet, who shared their passion for string quartets with her. Céline then decided to focus solely on string quartets, and has been second violinist with the Alfama Quartet for two years now.